Wooden Wall Crosses

A variety of style options are available. All of our wall crosses are crafted with the same passion and tradition one would expect from an artist who takes pride in his craft as much as he wants to leave the buyer with a work of art they will fall in love with. The Custom Wall Cross and Large Wooden Wall Cross, like all of Chuck’s Woodbarn crosses, are made from handcrafted oak and feature three antique square head nails. The Single Heart Cross and the Large Single Heart Cross are perfect for anniversary or wedding gifts. The Large Double Heart Cross features intertwined wooden hearts, a true symbol of faith and love. 

Handcrafted Wooden Wall Crosses

Chuck’s Woodbarn features wall crosses that are handcrafted, one at a time. Suitable for home, office, or church décor, these crosses are more than a decoration—they are works of art, waiting to be passed down from generation to generation. Traditional family heirlooms, handcrafted with passion, the crosses are made from oak and shaped by steam bending. Aged, distressed, and hand-waxed to a beautiful sheen, these wall crosses make a stunning piece of art to leave for future generations. Special customization options are available with most crosses for gift giving or to create a truly unique signature piece. 

Chuck’s Woodbarn is operated by Chuck and Sherry Zeller, who are not only the owners, but the artists who specialize in the art of steam bending wood to create luxurious, handcrafted  items to be treasured and loved for generations. A purchase from Chuck’s Woodbarn is a one-of-a-kind work of art, a thoughtful, unique investment that goes beyond mass marketed décor and becomes a family heirloom. Contact Chuck and Sherry at Chuck’s Woodbarn to secure a piece of history for you