Handmade Trunks

Custom Handmade wooden camelback chests and antique trunks from Chuck’s Woodbarn are everything you could want in a family heirloom—strong, functional, and durable in quality, and elegant and rustic in style. Submit your online form today to begin discussing the details of your custom wooden trunk!

Handmade Wooden Trunks

Is it time to refresh your home? Are you looking for a new style? Check out our handmade antique trunks for sale online. A new piece of furniture can transform an entire space into something new. Our trunks and custom handmade wooden camelback chests will give your designated room a classy, cozier look. We pride ourselves on offering a product with beautiful handmade details, which makes these antique trunks truly one of a kind.

Premium wood steamed until malleable; the hands of a skilled and practiced craftsman to bend and shape the pieces; weeks of careful aging and distressing for an authentic antique trunk look; personalized touches to customize the final product; this is what goes into the creation of a handcrafted wooden trunk from Chuck’s Woodbarn

A classic wooden trunk is perhaps the most everlasting piece of furniture you can acquire for your home. It is a relic that often holds a place both in history as a whole and your personal family history. The handmade trunks we build are designed to serve you and your family for generations.

Handcrafted Antique Trunks

Wooden trunks used to be a symbol of status and affluence, possessed only by society’s most elite. Over time, they became more affordable and accessible to individuals from all class levels but did not lose their noble reputation. We create trunks in a variety of styles at Chuck’s Woodbarn. Our specialty, however, is the popular wooden camelback chest or steamer trunk, distinguished by its top that curves in both directions. Our custom handmade wooden camelback chests, or known sometimes as a barrel top trunk, are one of a kind and can be used to store many different items.

Although our antique trunks are sanded, stained, hand-waxed, and adorned to mimic the enchanting look of an older piece, they are constructed with a sturdy craftsmanship that allows them to endure for decades. Our trunks are ideal for holding clothing, jewelry, guns, quilts, bridal boxes, and other treasured items. They can also be customized with names, photos, and other personal engravings. Our experts will always cater your antique trunk to you, the customer. We will listen to what you are looking for, and take it from there. Chuck’s Woodbarn would love to create a unique piece for you that will make your living space pop with the cozy or timeless ambience you are looking for.