Handcrafted Hat & Coat Racks

You don’t want just any old object to take on the title of family heirloom. An heirloom should have special meaning to you and every family member who inherits it. It is more than a gift, but a means of passing down your legacy to endure for generations. Therefore, the object you choose should be worthy of representing your ancestry and built to last for decades or even centuries to come.

A handcrafted wooden bench from Chuck’s Woodbarn is the perfect item to serve as a timeless symbol to celebrate your heritage. Our benches are designed to bring cultivated charm and warmth to any home without sacrificing functionality. They offer plenty of interior space for attractive storage that works wonderfully for the entryway, coffee table, foot of the bed, or other area. The comfortable leather-padded tops also make our handcrafted wooden benches have comfortable seating options.

Available wooden bench styles range from camelback trunks to flat top and even our exclusive unique combo. Most models include removable wooden trays, hidden compartments, wood-slatted bottoms, and our custom-made “Zeller Lock”. Custom sizes are available as well.

A handmade wooden bench from Chuck’s Woodbarn is an original, functional work of art. Upgrade your home and the homes of generations to come when you order one of these custom heirlooms from us today!

All of our handmade wooden benches are unique, so you are bound to find a style that will suit your home and personal needs. From bison flat benches to wood top and ostrich tops, all of our benches are durable and reliable. Find a style for your home you love that will last for years to come. Our benches from Chuck’s Woodbarn will transform your home into a comfortable, rustic retreat of a living space.