Handmade Wooden Boot Jacks & Boot Pulls

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for function when it comes to your household accessories. Those small tools you keep around the house to make your life easier can also add charm and elegance to your space, if you know where to shop. 

At Chuck’s Woodbarn, we combine quality construction and fine craftsmanship to create the practical, yet beautiful home accents you need. Through this process, we’ve transformed something as simple as a boot jack into a unique statement piece that will have guests stopping at your door in admiration. 

Not only a functional work of art, our custom wood boot jacks with leather lined yokes protect your boots from damage when removing them.

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Handcrafted Boot Jacks & Pullers

Our refined selection of wooden boot jacks offers both style and convenience for all of your shoe removal needs. Many of our jacks are made through steam bending, a rare woodworking art renowned for its exquisite beauty and enduring quality. Boot pulls from Chuck’s Woodbarn are not only functional with any type of boot, but also serve as a one-of-a-kind art piece that adds character to any space in your home. Our wooden boot jacks are available in various styles and with unique decorative touches, such as leather coverings to protect your boots and custom-engraved designs.

Beyond ordinary boot jacks, these custom wood and leather boot removers are durable and striking enough to be passed down from generation to generation as a valuable family heirloom. They also make a special gift for the beloved boot wearers in your life.

Fiberglass Boot Jacks

For those looking for something a little more just for function,  we also have our line of “Black Jack” boot jacks made with durable composite fiberglass. Our fiberglass boot pulls are available with premium leather and neoprene sleeves, if you still want a touch of luxury to catch the eye and protection for your boots. 

Our “Black Jack” line is lightweight, and great for travel.  The durable composite fiberglass makes them well suited for  the outside elements, leave them in the barn, porch, or in your truck.

 All of our boot jacks, wooden and fiberglass, are compatible with all types and sizes of boots and shoes—tapered yoke adjust to fit any heel. Works great for adults and children.

Invest in a boot jack with a quality you can trust and that you’re proud to have on display, greeting people by the front door. Order your handmade custom boot jack from Chuck’s Woodbarn today!