Zeller’s Treasure Chest




This is a wooden Treasure Chest at its paramount. A chest beyond doubt designed to withstand a long battering at sea, or a family heirloom that is going to be passed down for many generations to come. This elegant, sturdy wooden treasure chest is constructed out of premium quarter sawn white oak, trussed up with custom-made iron strapping and a massive decorative iron escutcheon, and thick rope through wooden blocks for durable handles. Complemented with a full lining of an Old World Map Ship tapestry. This sends a clear message of “No Trespassing” on this white oak treasure chest. A special feature is 2 hidden compartments.*Product appearance may vary slightly due to natural wood variances in wood grain.

Dimensions:  36″ Length  20″ Width 28″ Height. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for shipping. Please call if you would like a more exact time frame. We will need a contact name and phone number to set up delivery.


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