The Aristocrat

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The graceful curve of the thick wood on this heirloom piece make a bold statement about your personal commitment to quality. The smooth finish and meticulously crafted hardware compliment this cherished piece. Detailed hand carving accent the wood inside and out.  Using the lost art of steam bending, this trunk was handcrafted.  Premium pieces of quarter sawn white oak are hand selected, cut into precise dimensions, then steamed and bent into the desired shape for the lid, then secured in forms to dry. The trunk is assembled, sanded, stained, and hand waxed to a beautiful sheen.  Many hours are spent distressing and aging the wood to make it appear old and worn. Solid quarter sawn white oak, stained a rich dark walnut, lets the beautiful wood grain show.   Rustic exterior is accented with square peg corners, completing the authentic “old time appeal. Interior is soft, supple leather accented with upscale tapestry in the newest designer colors.  Slated wood bottom, special added feature is eight hidden compartments. Quality authentic reproduction hardware complements the exterior.   Complete with custom made “Zeller Lock” , genuine leather handles, slat covers, and bottom guards. A “true”   camel back trunk has a lid that curves in both directions. They have a central, vertically-running top slat that is higher than all the others.  This design originated in Europe in the mid 1800’s.   When traveling to the states by ship, camel back trunks were loaded last because they did not stack well. Therefore your possessions were not as likely to get damaged and you were the first one off when you arrived at your destination.   Only the wealthiest people could afford to buy a camel back trunk, so it was also a sign of high standing. A Zeller Trunk will be a family heirloom you will be proud to hand down. Signed and dated by the artist, Chuck Zeller     –    Handcrafted Excellence!!! Dimensions     48” Long,   20” Wide ,   24” Tall


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