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Heart Throb Boot Jack

Striking soft supple and vibrant red leather hand applied, embellished with custom nails adorned with  Swarovski crystals.

The graceful curve of the thick oak steam bent in our unique patented design, not only looks beautiful but performs at a premium.  Protect your quality boots and admire a beautiful piece of art at the same time. You can be confident you are getting the quality wooden boot remover you expect and deserve when you purchase from Chuck’s Woodbarn.

We specialize in customization.  Laser engraving, inlays, and branding in wood make it a special piece for that special person. Call Chuck’s Woodbarn to order your oak and red leather boot jacks today! Functional for all boots, all sizes.  Cowboy’s boots, work boots, hunting boots, women’s fashion boots, mucks, military boots, snow boots. Etc.


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