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Beautiful embossed leather hand applied, accented with decorative nails and a patriotic concho  accentuate this work of art.  Enjoy the impeccable. Beauty and quality craftsmanship while making a bold statement about your style , personal commitment to excellence, and love of country.

Solid oak steam bent in our unique patented design.  This functional cowboy boot jack acts as a work of art and makes the difficult task of removing your boots simple.

Steam bending is a woodworking technique where strips of wood are steam heated using a steam box. The applied heat and moisture make the wood pliable enough to bend around a mold to create a specific shape.  Clamped and secured in the form to dry for 3-4 weeks, once dry it will retain its shape.

The perfect accessory for your footwear!  We want you to have a unique cowboy boot jack that attracts attention and works to perfection. One of a kind, handmade, work of art. Functional for all boots, all sizes.  Cowboy’s boots, work boots, hunting boots, women’s fashion boots, mucks, military boots, snow boots. Etc. Order your patriotic oak and leather boot remover today!

Dimensions:   14” Length    5” Width    4” Height

Patented Design – Patient Number  US D633,687S   June 10, 2010

Customization available with initials, brands etc. For customization, please complete this form:   Request Customization


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